Curt loves creating on the proactive side of infinity. He is an entrepreneur in every sense of the world. Whether pioneering diplomatic means to build relationships and create peace without conflict, creating new ways for investors to be able to invest in the arts with less risk while giving the artists the freedom and capacity to create, or designing solutions for leaders and teams to transform their future – Curt’s passion is to manifest vision into reality.


As a creator, Curt’s passion is to help others to create. Leveraging a unique blend of intellectual data and analytics as well as an intuitive sense of leaders and teams, Curt has invested in over 80 Broadway productions as well as disruptive purposed based companies such as Artech, the Argonauts and Senior Helpers.


As a leader, Curt’s calling is to share with other leaders. He has honed his leadership philosophies and beliefs into universal principles which can be blissfully applied across any domain of human experience, from the cutting edge of combat operations, to peak performance in the NFL, to the world’s most exciting corporations to the newest in solo-preneurial startups.

Life Long Learner

Curt believes creation and innovation go hand in hand with education. He has an insatiable curiosity to explore the extremes of human experience and cultural diversity.

His best lessons learned on how to make decisions, resolve conflict, and align organizations behind a common objective are codified in the tools that can be found in the Resources section of this website.

client Testimonials

Curt’s magic is his ability to observe and translate universal principles that he learned in combat across any industry — sports, restaurants, venture capital or cybersecurity. His commitment and passion is contagious; it pulls everyone he is in contact with to the next level.

– Matt Higgins of RSE Ventures and ABC Shark Tank

My team was at a critical juncture battling much larger competitors in the high growth cloud portfolio management solutions sector. Curt and his team helped us define our purpose, strategy and critical path objectives so that we were primed to do what we needed to do — drive a successful acquisition within 12 months.

Kevin Kern of Innotas

After the 2008 financial crisis, the internal fallout was intensely difficult to navigate. Curt and his team ignited our team’s inner purpose and reinstated our ability to execute, resulting in exceeding our revenue and profitability goals as well as driving engagement scores that were higher than any other business unit in the company. It was a life changing experience for our team – personally and professionally.

– Rob Schimek of AIG Americas

Curt and his team are our go-to resource for navigating all the challenges associated with high growth, venture-backed companies. They bring operational experience to execute and help overcome any obstacle in the way. The team is instrumental in defining and building company culture and steadily serves as trusted advisors to our great leaders. I only wish I had brought them in earlier!

Jim Kim of Builders VC and formation 8