Broadway Strategic Return Fund

Co-Founder and Principal

The Broadway Strategic Return Fund is the first professionally managed, data-driven fund focused on theatrical finance. Our approach is founded in both quantitative analysis and deep industry expertise, enabling us to strike the necessary balance between the financial and creative worlds. As a result, we deliver tangible value to our investors, the productions we support, and the greater performing arts community.

Aiki Partners


At Aiki Partners, our unwavering belief rests in the crucible of centered leadership, emerging from the crossroads of creativity and discipline, intuition and intellect. It’s an alchemy, a blending of elements that results in a foundation so resilient it can sustain beyond any challenge imaginable. Our passion is reconciling the paradox of leading with creativity—a delicate dance between innovative thinking and the pragmatic essentials of effective leadership.

TBD Studios

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

The TBD Film Studio is designed as an artistic innovation timed to the specific business opportunities created by the current streaming environment. The concept is to leverage our competitive moat in theatrical productions and our aligned theatrical ecosystem to take advantage of the significant COVID-related and growing market interest in live-captured theater and genre-based theatrical films.

Board Member

Founded and led by Broadway Theatre insiders and Silicon Valley tech veterans, our mission is to support the Arts by building best-in-class tech solutions for the Performing Arts and Entertainment industry.


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