How I can help your business move forward

Guiding Growth

Explosive growth is the result of improving both efficiency AND effectiveness

To thrive and excel an organization needs clarity, conviction, alignment and execution. Curt works with leaders and teams over time to help instill these principles into the operations of their organization to enable it to grow, expand and flourish.

His methodology provides both moment for the leader to step outside the frame of their current experience and reflect, as well as helpful nudges and parallel experiences from someone who has walked in your shoes to give you a companion on the journey and support in moments of uncertainty.

Lead Through Crisis

In times of adversity we have the opportunity to call forth our true potential

Curt frequently counsels leaders who find themselves in moments of crisis – apex times of both danger and opportunity – balancing discretion, decisiveness and diplomacy.

With his undying optimism and resolve that was forged in the most trying moments in the SEALs – he is able to help elevate the viewpoint of leaders who find themselves in a pinch and help them create better possibilities for what to do next to drive things forward.

Empowering Transformation

Transformation occurs at the moment insight and context intersect

Curt’s presentations are designed to be immersive experiences that empower the listeners to manifest their calling. Curt has the rare ability to electrify an audience with principled insights and experiences that expose the core of our human fears and vulnerabilities – and ignite us to our highest purpose as leaders, unbeatable teams, and collective cultures of inclusion and connection.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is the greatest opportunity to strengthen and grow relationships

The myth of conflict is that it’s a contest, that it is negative – and that movement on both sides is needed to begin the resolution process. Trying to take on a conflict from that lens will not end well.

The truth is that conflict is nature’s primary motivator for change – and as such, an opportunity to strengthen relationships, build trust and get to know ourselves and others better.

Curt helps leaders and teams resolve conflicts by understanding the context and different perspectives, and then guiding the parties involved to identify and have the missing conversations to find common ground and come out with co-created solutions and agreed upon accountability.